Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Kathy O'Leary at Delaney Hall on the DREAMS NOT DETENTION Bus Tour To En...

Kathy Wargo O'Leary of Pax Christi NJ (& at the time a board member of First Friends of NJ & NY) on the DREAMS Not DETENTION Bus Tour To End #ImmigrantDetention 2012 - she speaks about #DelaneyHall, #CommunityEducationCenters (#CEC), & the #EssexCounty Board Of #Freeholders;
the need for the people to reach out to their elected officials &
hold them accountable; the obscenity of the status quo of putting profit
over people & the inevitability of Occupy Wall Street - she scolds John Clancy for the manipulation of the truth he used to get his bid for CEC to have Delaney Hall house #immigrantdetainees, and the #environmentalracism as well as socio-political #racism which has helped drive the boom in #immigrationdetention in these #privateprisons,
in remote & toxic environments; & she reminds us of the people
that are suffering from lack of clean water, food & medical care
within this nation's #correctionalfacilities,
horrible enough on their own but especially atrocious considering that
most immigrants are detained on civil infractions, & routinely
denied due process rights to challenge their detention.

advocates, faith leaders, & residents took a bus tour of the
state's jails which house immigrant detainees to tell local politicians
to choose "DREAMs not Detention" on Monday, October 8, 2012, in
commemoration of Indigenous Celebration Day.

Vigils were
organized in every NJ community that detains and profits from the
incarceration of immigrant workers, students, parents and community

The bus left the #ElizabethDetentionCenter & stopped at jails in #Bergen, #Hudson, and #Essex
counties. All hold people suspected of being in violation immigration
laws in return for a per diem payment from Immigrations and Customs
Enforcement (#ICE). Vigils were also held in #Sussex and #Monmouth
counties which also hold immigrants for ICE. The bus will return for an
afternoon vigil to the Elizabeth Detention Center, the for-profit
facility operated by Corrections Corporation of America (#CCA) where ICE first started incarcerating #immigrants in #NJ over a decade ago.

The event was co-sponsored by: First Friends; Pax Christi NJ; AFSC Immigrant Rights Program - Newark; Wind of the Spirit; Felician Sisters of North America; Casa Esperanza; St Joseph Social Service Center; Elizabeth Coalition to House the Homeless; Reformed Church of Highland Park; Passaic County Coalition for Immigrant Rights; Lutheran Office of Governmental Ministry - NJ Synod; NJ; St. Stephan's Grace Community - ELCA; Centro Jornaleros Unidos de Passaic; Action 21; NJ for Haiti Solidarity Network of the Northeast; Monmouth County Coalition of Immigrant Rights; (NJAID) New Jersey Advocates For Immigrant Detainees, Unidad Latina en Acción NJ; Casa Freehold; Shrine of St. Joseph - Sterling; Riverside Sojourners Immigration Detention Visitor Project; NJ Forum for Human Rights; Elizabeth Lutheran Center; JAN-NJ; Intentional Community -- Wyckoff


The press release for the event may be found here:


The facebook event is archived here:


Pictures from the day may be viewed here:



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