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Rev. Seth Kaper-Dale has co-pastored the Reformed Church of Highland Park for 11 years.  He is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary, and spent formative time in Ecuador and India before coming to RCHP.

Seth and wife/co-pastor Stephanie Kaper-Dale have been married for 15 years and have 3 daughters.  Seth co-formed Who Is My Neighbor Inc (HP community development agency), started RCHP-Affordable Housing Corporation and spearheads much of the Immigration work of the church.

You can find more about the incredible things he and his church are doing here:


Migrant Families Speak Out & Rally for Humane Immigration Policy on International Migrants Day

On International Migrants Day, Migrant Families Speak Out & Community Members Rally for Humane Immigration Policy

Newark, NJ  (December 18th, 2012) -- On December 18 International Migrants Day, advocates, immigrant families and community members will speak out and rally at the federal office building in Newark NJ to demand the Obama Administration shift away from deportation policies that separate families. During the first Obama administration, a record 1.4 million immigrants have been deported.

"Family speak out" will be moderated by a young woman whose life has been turned upside down by broken immigration policy. Her story can be found at

For years, migrant families in the U.S. have to struggle with the lack of immigration status and keeping their families together. "I know many families including mine are facing imminent family separation," said Kokou, father of two girls, "no parent wants to see their children grow up on their own."

On International Migrants Day, migrant families that have been separated by current policy will gather and speak about their experiences and demand the Administration use its discretion to allow immigrants to stay with their children and family members. Immigrant and citizen community members will also rally to demand the U.S. Congress pass humane immigration policy that upholds human rights and family values.

The American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker peace and social justice organization, is planning a series of events to mark International Human Rights Day, December 10, and International Migrants Day, December 18. Through this coast-to-coast effort, AFSC is calling on Congress and the Obama administration to halt policies that separate families and militarizes communities. For a complete list of human rights activities, visit

What: Migrant Families Speak Out & Rally for Humane Immigration Policy
Where: Federal Office Building at 970 Broad Street, Newark, NJ
When: DECEMBER 18, 2012; 4pm - 5pm 
Contact: Pauline Ndzie, community member, 973-563-0798
Chia-Chia Wang, American Friends Service Committee, 646-509-3860

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